Letters of Encouragement started out as a TWLOHA street team order I participated in a few years ago where we were asked to write an encouraging letter that would be sent to those in inpatient and outpatient programs. At the time, I was using these street team orders as an outlet. I was struggling/had been struggling with self harming addictions, depression, abuse, rts/ptsd, eating disorders, etc. and was at a place where I desperately needed a life line. I consider myself lucky for seeing this project because it has blossomed in several areas in my life, it gave me a way to not be a victim of my past or my emotional/mental health. It opened my eyes to the fact that our worst times can be the motivation for some of the best things we experience in life and that there is immense healing to be found in trying to help others.

The project has grown over the past years, allowing me to write and exchange letters with local programs, rehabs, and shelters. This motivated the creation of this blog; originally intended to share letters of encouragement to any that might need them written by bloggers that care. It's now morphed into an advice blog that is dedicated to posts to let you know that you are not alone. That you matter to people, that you are strong and beautiful, that the pain & chaos you're feeling right now is temporary because there is healing, help, and hope available. What's more, you deserve that healing, that ability to live a life free from whatever burden you're carrying.

I'm here to help in any way that I can. I do have counseling experience but a lot of the advice I give comes from things I've learned in my own process of recovery or experiences I've had. Please feel free to rant to me, ask any questions you might have, or tell me your stories. I will gladly listen without judgement and provide any advice or info that I can. I accept anon & non-anon questions but if you'd like to be replied to privately please let me know in the question.

You can also submit your own letter of encouragement if you want, all letters are appreciated. We just ask that you keep them free of potential triggers and that they are heartfelt and honest. When you submit a letter your blog will be added to the blogs that care page with a link to the letter you sent in and a link to your blog. Please submit letters instead of sending them in ask form.

Stay strong ♥